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Lost Ashes

“I’d recognize him straight away. He was in a green Barnardo’s plastic bag . . . Dennis was a bloke in a million” 64-year~old widow, Jean Carberry, sifting by way of hundreds of tons of rubbish on the regional council tip after accidentally placing her husband Dennis’s ashes out for the binmen.

obsessed by snuff

When Mrs Margaret Thompson died at her house in Boyle Street, Mayfair, she left instructions that her coffin be packed with all her handkerchiefs “together with such a quantity of very best Scotch snuff (in which I usually had the greatest delight) as will cover my deceased body”.

For her funeral she wanted:. . . six males to be my bearers, who are known to be the greatest snuff-takers in the parish of St James’s, Westminster as an alternative of mourning, each to put on a snuff’ coloured beaver hat which I want to be purchased for that objective and given to them.

Six maidens of my old acquantance to bear my pall, each and every to put on a appropriate hood, and to carry a box filled with the greatest Scotch snuff to take for their refreshment as they go along.

Before my corpse, I desire the minister might be invited to stroll and to take a specific quantity of the stated snuff, not exceeding one particular 1b, to whom also I bequeath five guineas on situation of him so undertaking.

And I also need my old and faithful servant, Sarah Stuart, to walk ahead of the corpse, to distribute each and every twenty yards a big handful of Scotch snuff to the ground and upon the crowd who could possibly follow me to the burial spot on which condition I bequeath her twenty pounds. And I also want that at least two baskets of the mentioned snuff may possibly be distributed at the door of my residence in Boyle Street.

mummified body of his mother

Robert Farrell of Boise, Idaho kept the mummified body of his
deceased mother in his home for six years until neighbours
complained about the smell. Georgia Farrell was found lying on her sofa in March 1993. It was estimated that she had most likely died in 1987 at the age of eighty-eight.

The death was never reported by her son Robert, who nevertheless lived with her. According to a neighbour whenever Robert was asked exactly where his mother was, he would casually reply, “Oh, she’s in.”

fear of premature burial

Hannah Beswick of Cheetwood Hall, Lancashire lived with a
continual fear of premature burial. When she eventually expired in 1758 aged seventya seven, she left £25,000 to her doctor with instructions that he often inspect her corpse for signs of life.

Her body was embalmed and crammed inside a grandfather
clock with a velvet curtain tastefully draped across the glass
viewing panel. 1 hundred and ten years right after her demise the trustees of her estate agreed that Hannah Beswick’s state of wellness was ultimately beyond dispute, and she was granted a decent burial.

eaten by family members pets

The body of wealthy recluse Toivo Sistonen lay decomposing
in his property in Thunder Bay, Ontario, for four years, partly
eaten by his pet cats although an individual collected his mail, reduce his lawn and shovelled snow from his driveway. When the body was identified in 1999 there were also skeletons of numerous cats in the home.

final instructions

When the Rev. Langton Freeman died in 1783 at his family members
estate at Whilton in Northamptonshire his will contained an
extraordinary clause containing final instructions for the disposal of his body.

For the 1st 4 or 5 days after his death “till my physique develop offensive” it must stay in his bed. Then, the bed with his corpse still in it was to be carried into the garden and placed in the summer ‘house. The physique was to be wrapped in a sheet “as near as might be to the description we get in Holy Scripture of our Saviour’s burial.”

The door and windows of the summer season-home had been to be permanently locked and bolted, then the building was to be surrounded by ever-green trees, which in turn had been to be surrounded by a fence produced of oak or iron, painted dark blue. Apparently the instructions had been carried out to the letter.

cremated remains of two,000 individuals

In 1991 Lai Siang Kwang from Singapore was convicted of maintaining the cremated remains of two,000 people in his bungalow. It was Kwang’s fourth related conviction for hoarding funeral urns in his residence.

burst bladder

The ground-breaking study of the essential sixteenth-cen
tury Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe permitted Sir Isaac Newton to come up with the theory of gravity. In the sixteenth century,

it was deemed an insult to leave a banquet table ahead of the meal was more than. Brahe, identified to drink excessively, had a bladder situation, but failed to relieve himself just before the banquet began. He created matters worse by drinking as well significantly at dinner, and was too polite to ask to be excused. His bladder ultimately burst, killing him slowly and painfully more than the subsequent eleven days.

Thomas More’s head

After Thomas More’s head was chopped off, parboiled and stuck on a pole on London Bridge in 1535, his daughter Margaret bribed a bridge-keeper to let her steal it and take it residence — a crime for which she was later arrested and briefly imprisoned. The head was buried with her when she died in 1544.

need to be buried head downwards

Main Peter Labelliére who died on 6 June 1800 described
himself as a Christian patriot and Citizen of the World. In his last will and testament he expressed his disaffection with life by leaving instructions that he should be buried head downwards “As the world was turned topsy turvy, it was match that he must be so buried that he may possibly be proper at final.”

celebration trick that went wrong

Terry Kath, guitarist with the US rock band Chicago, tried to
amuse his party guests by pointing what he believed was an
empty gun at his head. He pulled the trigger and blew his brains out.

A Lingering Hope

In 1999 a 52-year-old lady in Hong Kong turned the physique of her deceased husband more than to the authorities. She mentioned that she had held on to the physique for a week in the hope that he would revive, but at some point gave in to the smell.

ashes incorporated into new mantelpiece

When D. H. Lawrence died, his lover Frieda had his ashes
tipped into a concrete mixer and incorporated into her new

A Christmas funeral

In 1993 an Icelandic funeral parlour discovered itself beneath investigation following a complaint by the bereaved household of Henri Labonte. They told Iocal authorities that the deceased had been dressed for his 26 December funeral in a Santa Claus costume and was wearing a fake beard.

A burial for a chocoholic

In accordance with his final want, in 1973 a Swedish confectionery salesman from Falkenberg, Roland Ohisson, was buried in a coffin produced completely of chocolate.

exploding penis

The great jazz musician Joe “Poolie” Newman, trumpet player
with Count Basie and Lionel Hampton, was a notorious lothario. In 1989 Newman, determined to live up to his reputation, attempted to his boost his flagging sex life with a penile implant.

A construct up of stress however caused his member to explode one evening while .he was in a restaurant, causing him to haemorrhage to death.

absent husband

The Spanish Queen Juana was driven to distraction by her
faithless and mainly absent husband. When her beloved Philip died aged twenty-eight she resolved to see far more of him in future by obtaining his physique embalmed and maintaining it by her side at all times, even at mealtimes and in bed.

fear of the bodysnatchers

When the Stevenage grocer Henry Trigg died in 1724 he left
curious guidelines to maintain physique-snatchers away from his corpse. His coffin was placed in the rafters of his barn, exactly where it remained on view for almost 250 years while the premises changed hands, and have been utilised as an inn, and later a bank.

When the coffin was finally taken down and opened it was discovered to be empty: it appears the bodysnatchers, or “resurrection men” as they had been identified, may possibly have got to him after all.

allowing his adoring fans to study his corpse

When Enrico Caruso died in 1921 the wonderful Italian opera singer was laid to rest on show in a glass coffin, permitting his adoring fans to study his corpse. 5 years and numerous new suits later even so his widow decided to give him a far more dignified interment in a private tomb.

Bottoms up!

The Tomb of Mausolus was one of the Seven Wonders of the
Planet, entirely destroyed by an earthquake. lt was constructed in
353 BC in Turkey by Queen Artemisia on the death of her
husband King Mausolus. The original idea was that the king’s
body was to be placed in the tomb, but there was a last minute change of strategy: the Queen had him cremated, then poured his ashes into a goblet of wine and drank him.

Man’s Greatest Buddy

To circumvent a French law which bans the burial of animals
in human cemeteries, in 1977 Helene Lavanent and Yvette
Soltane booked themselves graves in a pet cemetery so that
they could be buried with their dogs.

fear of getting eaten “by his own relatives”

The Sussex MP John “Mad Jack” Fuller (1752-1834) was a builder of follies. He declined a standard burial since of his irrational fear of getting eaten “by his personal relatives”.

Fuller reasoned hence: “The worms would consume me, the ducks would eat the worms, and my relatives would eat the ducks.”

In order to keep away from this train of events he had a pyramid-shaped mausoleum constructed in which he sits in an armchair wearing a leading hat and holding a glass of claret.

fear of getting buried alive

A Russian court official Count Karnice Karnicki after witnessed the premature burial of a young Belgian girl. He was so moved by the experience that he vowed to patent a new sort of coffin which would make certain that such a terrible mistake never ever happened once again.

His “safe” coffin had a long tube which extended six feet above ground. The uppermost element of the tube led to a sealed box, although at the other end a glass ball, attached to a wire spring, was to be placed on the deceased’s chest.

The coffin was also fitted with an interior electric light bulb.

The slightest movement would activate the spring, and the sealed box would fly open and release light and air into the coffin. At the exact same time a flag would extend outside the coffin, the interior light would switch itself on and a bell would ring for thirty minutes.

tight fit

The tenth Duke of Hamilton Alexander Douglas outbid the
British Museum when he paid £11,000 for a magnificent
ancient tomb which had originally been produced for an Egyptian
princess. Douglas housed it in a fabulous mausoleum at his
ancestral home, Hamilton Palace. It wasn’t till his death in 1852 that it was found that he was as well tall to match inside it:
the only way they could get him in was by sawing his feet off.

corpses could be place to sensible use

In 1850 the reclusive philosopher Jeremy Bentham had his initial change of underwear in one hundred years. Bentham believed that corpses could be place to practical use – i.e. each man, effectively embalmed, could be utilised as his own statue, or “auto-icon” as Bentham named them. The possibilities were endless: portraits of ancestors could be replaced by actual heads, “many generations becoming deposited on a couple of shelves or in a modest sized cupboard”.

When Bentham died he had left directions that his personal physique be dissected for the advantage of healthcare science, then embalmed, dressed in his personal garments and placed in a glass case. His head even so had to be replaced by a wax version simply because his face had adopted a somewhat frightening expression for the duration of the embalming procedure. Bentham’s doctor Dr Southwood Smith kept the body till his own death in 1850 whereupon it was presented to University College, London.

Bentham’s thought was not completely original. Maori tribesmen
typically preserved the elaborately tattooed heads of their deceased relatives as “auto-icons” to keep alive the memory of the dead. The heads would be steamed many instances in an oven, smoked dry, and their hair meticulously combed into a topknot.

In 1770 the British explorer Sir Joseph Banks acquired the initial specimen Maori head ever seen in Europe, and heads abruptly became fashionable and extremely collectable things.

The Maoris overcame their early objections to promoting off the heads of their loved ones when they identified that British museums and private collectors had been prepared to pay leading funds for great good quality, highly decorated specimens.

As genuine Maori heads became scarce, unscrupulous dealers would supply the untattooed heads of lately deceased slaves: couple of folks could inform the distinction in between an antique relic and a lately decapitated slave, freshly tattooed post mortem. By this time the greedy dealers had been only one particular short step away from depriving living Maoris of their heads. In 1832 the gruesome practice was finally produced illegal.

undignified death

The French composer Jean-Baptiste Lully died of gangrene soon after accidentally stabbing himself in the foot with his baton.

speedy goodbye

When the American dancer Isadora Duncan took delivery of a
brand new Bugatti racing automobile in 1927 she naturally wanted to
show it off to her pals. She stepped into it for the 1st time,
waved gaily and sped away. As she did so her extended red scarf
became entangled in the spokes of her rear nearside wheel,
snapping her neck and killing her instantly.

suicide on reside Tv

Christine Chubbock, the late US Television newsreader committed
suicide by shooting herself live in front of the cameras while she was reading the news. It emerged later that she had scripted her death so as not to disrupt the Tv schedule.

cherished keepsake

The well-known duellist Brian Maguire was a descendant of an
ancient Fermanagh household and an officer in the East India Business. Maguire was a hugely volatile man who would choose a fight for the flimsiest of reasons.

He practised his gunmanship by shooting at a lighted candle held by his wife. He threw dirt from his window on to the heads of passers-by just to provoke a challenge. If anybody so much as looked up at him he would spit down and offer a duel. When his son George died aged twelve in 1830 Maguire however proved himself to be a huge softie at heart.

He was so inconsolable that he decided to craft a permanent and cherished keepsake. He embalmed the boy himself and kept him in a glass case which he carried with him everywhere, until his personal death 5 years later of a heart attack.

head of the family

Right after the execution of Sir Walter Raleigh in 1618, his head became the Raleigh family heirloom. His widow Elizabeth kept it for twenty-nine years before passing it on to their son Carew, who looked soon after it till 1666 when it went with him to his grave.

superhero who died in the fridge

Arthur Mandelko, a 24-year-old Superman fan, froze to death
in his fridge even though dressed as his favourite Tv superhero.

Mandelko had spent about a month in the fridge when his
landlord found his frozen corpse. The landlord revealed that
his lodger had spent most evenings jumping from one particular roof to
one more and had been warned about this activity when neigh-
bours complained about the thumping sounds. Police theorized that Mandelko’s planned escape by employing his super-heated X-ray vision had somehow gone incorrect.

Heart Tattoos

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