A couple of good Heart Tattoos photos I found:

Image from web page 330 of “Social Dynamite: The Wickedness of Modern Society from the Discources of T. De Witt Talmage” (1887)
Heart Tattoos

Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: socialdynamitewi00tdew
Title: Social Dynamite: The Wickedness of Contemporary Society from the Discources of T. De Witt Talmage
Year: 1887 (1880s)
Authors: T De Will Talmage Frances Post Van Norstrand
Publisher: Richmond, Va., H.E. Grosh
Contributing Library: Hackney Library, Barton College
Digitizing Sponsor: Institute of Museum and Library Services, beneath the provisions of the Library Solutions and Technology Act, administered by the State Library of North Carolina. Grant issued to Duke University for the Religion in North Carolina project.

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Text Appearing Prior to Image:
se of Residence, SweetHome ahead of I die? And then the tattoo was sounded, andthe hats were off, and the service was read: I am the resur-rection and the life, and in honor of the departed themuskets have been loaded and the command given: Take aim-fire! And there was a shingle set up at the head of the grave with the epitaph of Lieutenant in the Fourteenth Massachusetts Eegulars, or Captain in the Fifteenth Eegiment of South Carolina Volunteers. And so, acrossthis wonderful field of moral and spiritual battle, the angels ofGod come walking among the slain, and there are voices ofcomfort and voices of hope and voices of resurrection andvoices of heaven. Oh, the slain! the slain! Christ is prepared to give life tothe dead. He will make the deaf ear to hear, the blind eyeto see, the pulseless heart to beat, and the damp walls of-your spiritual charnel property will crash into ruin at His cry:Come forth! I verily believe there are souls who are nowdead in sin, who in half an hour will be alive forever. There

Text Appearing Following Image:
THE RAISING OF JAIRUS DAUGHTER. STRIPPING THE SLAIN. 325 was a thrilling dream, a glorious dream—you may haveheard of iti Ezekiel closed his eyes, and he saw two moun-tains, anda valley among the mountains. The valleylooked as although there had been a excellent battle there, and awhole army had been slain, and they had been unburied andthe heat of the land, and the vultures coming there, soon thebones had been exposed to the sun, and they looked like thou-sands of snow drifts all through the valley. Frightful spec-tacle! The bleaching skeletons of a host! But Ezekiel stillkept his eyes shut and lo, there were 4 currents of windthat struck that battle-field, and when those 4 currents ofwind met, the bones began to rattle and the foot came tothe ankle, and the hand came to the wrist, and the jawsclashed with each other, and the spinal column gathered up theganglions and the nervous fibre, and all the valley wriggledand Avrithed and throbbed and rocked and rose up. There,a man coming to li

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Architecture of Morristown: Unnamed conrner building
Heart Tattoos

Image by SeeMidTN.com (aka Brent)
The central Buying District of Morristown has 1 factor that really stands out.

If you go to any preserved old town, you’re going to discover in the heart of town, a bunch of old buildings with interesting storefronts and various older acrhitectural types. In the late 1960s, Morristown decided they had a problem needing a distinctive remedy. Town leaders decided to create second-story skywalks, which they called the SkyMart. The concept was you could double the number of businesses along the major strip, potentially doubling the quantity of shoppers that come to town.

Did it perform? If it had, you’d be seeing it in other tiny cities, and you won’t see it anywhere other than Cincinnati, which is a big city where it didn’t operate.

I do not know what is transpired more than the final 40 years, but when I walked the skywalk, I did not see any companies I could shop in. On any given day, I suppose you could discover walkers, locals receiving to their upper floor apartments, and the occasional tourist. Even nonetheless, if you go to the Morristown site or find a Hamblen County brochure, this will be listed as a point to see.

Photographically, you can see issues you will not see anywhere else, like obtaining up close to a ghost wall ad. On the down side, you can only get the prime half of some of the far more exciting buildings.

For the full story, check out this document on the Morristown site:

The first floor of this constructing is a tattoo parlor. The second story corner is fascinating, but the sidewalk somewhat covers it up.