Some cool Irish Tattoos photos:

Have You Observed This Leprechaun? Pleased St. Patrick’s Day to One and All!
Irish Tattoos

Image by faith goble
I surprised this big, larcenous leprechaun stealing my gold (fool’s gold, that is) early this morning. Honestly, occasionally I do not know what to do about my son Patrick! Believe it or not, he’ll be just twenty-4 at the finish of March. He only missed being born on St. Patrick’s Day by a couple of weeks. Thanks, Pat, for becoming such a great sport and so considerably enjoyable!

To see this leprechaun performing on the Tonight Show follow this hyperlink at the 11 minute 42 second mark:…

You can see a single of this wild Kentucky-bred Irishman’s music videos at the following address: .

Irish Tattoos

Image by lusciousblopster
A tattoo of the date the occupation started – now that requires commitment.

Day 11 at Occupy Dame Street. A protest occupation in front of the Central Bank of Ireland in Dublin city centre. Calling for a change in the economic, political and social predicament in Ireland. Expressing dissent against the bailouts, management of the &quotfinancial crisis&quot and existing economic policy, the protest is unaffiliated to any political celebration or organisation and delivers a number of options. In concert with over 1000 other actions taking place about the world.

Irish Tattoos

Image by ebby
oh, the drunken Irish typing – spot the typos and misspellings and the like.