A few good Japanese Tattoos photos I found:

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Japanese Tattoos

Image by Allegory Malaprop
I found this adorable Japanese girl operating about the Starlust soon after I parked the eyeball last night, and she was followed by this neko ghost shadow. She told me it was a group gift from neko-kan, and gave me the LM. There are a bunch of group gifts out (group’s 10L to join, but that is not much to get my adorable shadow!), and a group hunt going on for some added bits- which includes the witch hat and neko ears (which you can barely see- they are folded down exactly where human ears are, not perked up). Also lots of adorable floofy lolita skirts to be discovered there, and some good boots, and other assorted neat stuff.

hat/ears/shadow by neko-kan (not simple to locate in search!), skin by Fashionably Dead, hair by Clawtooth, tattoos (2 sets layered) by ~silentsparrow~, feets and tail by Mutation Industries, clothing by Schadenfreude, pose by Imperial Elegance

taken in the &quotrelaxation location&quot at Neko-kan (you’ll have to take a tp on that level of the ship- the shop itself is super adorable as well)