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Identifier: cu31924087985564
Title: Letters from a surgeon of the Civil War
Year: 1906 (1900s)
Authors: Perry, John Gardner, 1840-1926 Perry, Martha Derby, comp
Subjects: United States. Army. Massachusetts Infantry Regiment, 20th(1861-1865)
Publisher: Boston, Little, Brown

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ould be in anambulance, which would pass in half anhour on its way to the third division of ovu*.75 LETTERS FROM A SURGEON corps, and quartered but a brief distancefrom our own division. I was glad enoughof this opportunity, and rode in the ambu-lance tUl it reached its personal camp passedthe rest of the night lying in it, and atdaybreak began on foot for the regiment,which, by the way, was not simple to do withmy stiff leg. But, soon after all, this was thequickest way to limber it. I arrived at noon, and the warm, heartygreeting given me from old friends andcomrades did considerably to raise my droopingspirits. If a single is obhged to go soldiering, thiscamp life is deUghtful. The weather ischarming, our scenario gorgeous, and Ifeel happier here than anyplace else awayfrom house. . . . Residence! Oh, how thatword stiU haunts mel But I am calmernow and take the situation far more cause-ably but an awful sinking at the heartstill sweeps more than me, and I can effortlessly un-derstand how soldiers die of homesickness.,76

Text Appearing Right after Image:
Ah Ed OF THE CIVIL WAR I have a extremely disagreeable duty to per-form this morning, — that of tattooing amans breast for desertion. He is to havehis head shaved and be drumtaed out ofcamp to-morrow. It would be better toshoot the man than to permanently dis-grace him, but he does not look to mindit considerably, and most likely is so demorahzedthat he is previous feeling shame. October 1st, 1863. We had a drunken row in camp lastnight, owing to some villains obtaining soldwhiskey to the guys, and it was one particular oclockbefore the noisy ones had been secured and aUbecame quiet. These conscripts, or rathersubstitutes, behave disgracefully, desertingat every single achievable possibility, even to the enemy.Notwithstanding that two who belonged toour regiment had been shot, thirty-four de-serted quickly right after. One feUow,having failed to escape in the directionof his property, attempted to go more than to the77 LETTERS FROM A SURGEON enemy, but was prevented. He then shothis finger off, with the hope of getting sentto the hospital, exactly where the o

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