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Thursday, July 31st, 2014

Check out these Lion Tattoos photos:

Image from page 356 of “The world’s inhabitants or, Mankind, animals, and plants becoming a well-known account of the races and nations of mankind, past and present, and the animals and plants inhabiting the wonderful continents and principal islands” (1888)
Lion Tattoos

Image by internetarchivebookimages
Identifier: worldsinhabitant00bett
Title: The world’s inhabitants or, Mankind, animals, and plants becoming a popular account of the races and nations of mankind, previous and present, and the animals and plants inhabiting the great continents and principal islands
Year: 1888 (1880s)
Authors: Bettany, G. T. (George Thomas), 1850-1891
Subjects: Civilization Culture
Publisher: London Ward, Lock

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Text Appearing Before Image:
possessing it all off except a little tuft on the crown, even though the ladies donot shave, but reduce the hair brief, and are also addicted to paintingtheir eyebrows and eyelids. The Laos are of a lighter complexion thanthe Siamese, and considerably much more exclusive. They are decidedlj^ betterlooking, with high foreheads and nicely-shaped noses. Often the youngLao physical womeii have fat round faces, and the lips are somewhat pro-characters, truding. Numerous of the Lao girls are able to bend then-forearm and wrist outwards, so that the back of the hand touches theupper arm this is acquired by early practice and the use of someforce. Probably it is amongst the Siamese that the least distinction of dressbetween the sexes is discernible but no, we had been forgetting the THE SIAMESE, COCHIN CHINESE, CAMBODIANS, Etc. 343 Esquimaux. Their principal garment is similar, namely, a„ – .extended piece of cotton cloth or silk worn round the waist andjsexes almostpassed in between the thighs, a single finish becoming fastened in front and ^^^®

Text Appearing Soon after Image:
THE LATE KING OF SUM, MONGKUT. the other behind, hence pro:lucing the effect of a pair of brief trousers.The upper portion of the physique is girt with a lengthy scaif passed round the I 344 THE INHABITANTS OF ASIA. chest and more than one shoulder in a range of fashions. Beneath this the moreadvanced now wear a close-fitting white jacket, and even white stock-ings and dress shoes. The Siamese ladies are very fond of jeweller^,even though small partial to ear-rings. Rings, and gold chainsewe ary. ^^^ abundant and even kids, though otherwise really un-dressed, wear heavy bracelets and anklets. The western Laos for the most portion content material themselves with a muchmore restricted garb, typically only a tiny metal plate, while the appearanceof clothing is provided to the male by extremely elaborate tattooing.Tattooing. ,pj^.^ extends from the waist down to the knees, and representsa variety of birds and other animals, like peacocks, pigeons, vul-tures lions, tigers, elephants, as nicely as some fabulous creatures ormonst

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Image from web page 301 of “The history of the nineteenth century in caricature” (1904)

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

Check out these Lion Tattoos pictures:

Image from page 301 of “The history of the nineteenth century in caricature” (1904)
Lion Tattoos

Image by internetarchivebookimages
Identifier: historyofninetee01maur
Title: The history of the nineteenth century in caricature
Year: 1904 (1900s)
Authors: Maurice, Arthur Bartlett, 1873-1946 Cooper, Frederic Taber, 1864-1937, joint author
Subjects: History, Modern Nineteenth century Caricature
Publisher: New York : Dodd, Mead

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Text Appearing Prior to Image:
A GERMAN Thought OF IRISH House RULE. principle, LEtat cest Moi or once more, just ahead of our warwith Spain, when it was so drawn as to present a capital like-ness of Uncle Sam, the Atlantic and Gulf States forminghis nose and mouth, the latter suggestively opened to takein Cuba, which is swimming dangerously near. Pucksfamous Tattooed Man was only a new application of anidea that had been used prior to even though the representation of agroup of top politicians as members of a freak show, acircus, or a minstrel troop, is as old as minstrels or dime

Text Appearing Following Image:
CENTURY IN CARICATURE 281 museums themselves. Couple of leading statesmen of the pasthalf century have not at some time in their profession been por-trayed as Hamlet, or Macbeth, or Richard III. even though asfor the traditional use of animals and symbolic figures torepresent the different nations, the British Lion and theRussian Bear, Uncle Sam and French Liberty, these belongto the raw components of caricature, dating back to its very in-ception as an art. And however, although the signifies utilized are essen-tially the same as in the days of Hogarth and Cruikshank,the final results are radically different. The explanation for this distinction might be summed up in asingle word—Journalism. The modern cartoon is essen-tially journalistic, both in spirit and in execution. The spas-modic single sheets of Gillrays period, massive lithographs that

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Cool Lion Tattoos pictures

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

A couple of good Lion Tattoos pictures I discovered:

Scout Web page two, 23Dec2006

Saturday, July 12th, 2014

Check out these Lion Tattoos images:

Scout Web page two, 23Dec2006
Lion Tattoos

Image by RobW_
1. Rory Fan Club, two. Cellphone Camera, three. Hayley, four. Pink Sky over Kefalonia, 5. Graceful Blonde, six. Golden Girl, 7. Sean and Sue, 8. Claire, Classic White Bikini,

9. Strollers, 10. Beautiful Back, 11. Amy Strips!, 12. Johanna, 13. Denka, 14. Table Mountain, from Bloubergstrand, 15. Whale Handler, 16. Seed Pod,

17. Playing in the Sea, 18. Colourful Serbian Bikini, 19. Struisbaai Beach, Western Cape, 20. Papas and Papadia, 21. Kate’s Gorgeous Smile, 22. Alma’s Thong, 23. New Arrivals, 24. New Arrivals,

25. Jenna and Lois, 26. Amy’s Thong, 27. Cloudscape, 28. England Fans 3, 29. Patriotic Bikini, 30. In Golden Pond, 31. Susan, 32. Caroline Three Lions Boob Tube,

33. Thong Close-up, 34. Souvenir, 35. Snow on the Acropolis, 36. Mature Swimmers, 37. Beach Girl, 38. Slovenian Photographer, 39. Ioannina, 40. Ionian Spring,

41. Claire’s Mum, 42. Betty Boop, 43. Black and White Sunrise, 44. Freddie’s Girls, Georgina and Eliza, 45. Hungarian Girl with Camera, 46. Tsilivi Sunrise 15Nov2006, 47. Ritsa in Rhodes, May possibly 1973, 48. Swiss Girl Leonie,

49. Cleavage Sunbed, 50. Testing the Water, 51. Greek Girls 13, 52. Old Window Shutter, 53. Sabina, 54. Watching the Children, 55. Sunflower Sunrise, Zakynthos, Greece, 56. Girls with Camera,

57. M&ampS Girl, 58. Sleeping Blonde, 59. Beach Girl, 60. Fiona Orange Bikini, 61. Amanda and Claire, 62. Robin in the Snow, 63. Reclining Blonde, 64. Denka Reading,

65. Jean’s Tattoo, 66. Bikini Profile, 67. New Arrivals, 68. New Arrivals, 69. Gazania, 70. Siesta, Dafni Beach, 71. Parthenon at Night, 72. Claire

Day 245–Sketched

Friday, July 11th, 2014

Some cool Lion Tattoos photos:

Day 245–Sketched
Lion Tattoos

Image by dieselbug2007
Taken for the 13 Issues group along with 365 Days and FGR. So I guess I must list my 13 factors…

IN honor of the new year quickly approaching, I thought I’d do a month-to-month 13 things…

January (1)~~I started off the year in a connection that was rapidly going downhill. I officially dropped out of PT college and was an emotional wreck. You could say this year came in like a mad lion for me.

February (2)~~The relationship officially ended towards the finish of the month. I felt like I was no one’s sweetheart for Valentine’s Day, even although I had a boyfriend.

March (three)~~Saint Patrick’s Day came and went and so did the birthday of my very best pal from higher school (Megan). I was browsing for a job and not having a lot luck.

April (four)~~I was officially hired onto the staff at Maurices. I was thrilled! It’s my first retail job EVER. I was also accepted into the Counseling plan at UNO to start functioning towards my Masters degree.

Could (five)~~I began my very first course in the counseling system and ended up with an A in the class (it was Intro, so everyone ought to get an A!).

June (six)~~My emotional roller coaster is starting to level out. I feel I am ready to begin searching again seriously for a boyfriend, but I am quite pleased getting single.

July (7)~~The 4th of July was alright, nothing spectacular. Had entertaining lighting off fireworks at our house. Celebrated moms birthday this month as well.

August (8)~~Content birthday to me and my dad! I am officially a 1/four century old. LOL. I also began my initial complete semester of masters level perform. I have also been promoted to Assistant Manager at Maurices in a element-time position.

September (9)~~My buddy Megan’s infant, Trenton Paul, is born on 9-11-07. He weighed just more than 7 pounds and was the cutest thing in the world! I got to hold him the day soon after he was born. :-)

October (ten)~~I made it to three different Halloween parties this year. I had fun at all of them.

November (11)~~Thanksgiving was a excellent time–we had a turkey for the initial time in years.

December (12)~~This year has come and gone rapidly it seems. Christmas was excellent this year as I got a new iPod Nano. This year is going out like a lamb. I am now dating a great guy, Phil, and it makes me really pleased.

Next Year (13)~~Absolutely everyone tends to make resolutions for the new year. I have a handful of in thoughts already. However, the point I&quotm hunting forward to the most is obtaining my very first tattoo on January five, 2008! What a way to bring in the new year! :-)

Red White Blue Eggs
Lion Tattoos

Image by almagill

Cool Lion Tattoos photos

Friday, July 11th, 2014

Check out these Lion Tattoos images:

A nice lion
Lion Tattoos

Image by biondino
This would make a decent tattoo.

Further pwnage by Ocado
Lion Tattoos

Image by Steve Sparshott
Ocado (grocery deliveries) are so good it takes the piss. On the receipt it tells you what expires when, with the actual day rather than the date. For the very first time ever I ordered igz, and not only are they all intact, they have cool British lion tattoos. And finally, a totally free litre of Innocent orange juice worth £1.60 (US.20). ‘Ckin ‘ell.

cooks tourism future.jpg

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

Some cool Lion Tattoos pictures:

cooks tourism future.jpg
Lion Tattoos

Image by avaiki nius
// Stick to UP
photo: avarua residents such as tourism minister piho rua sheltered in the shell of paulina’s restaurant soon after dawn broke on a fading cyclone meena. doubts are increasing about rua’s industry leadership.

Tourism minister Piho Rua was seen this afternoon, arms akimbo, in the old marine sources building.
Hunting out to sea, talking with an official.
His reappearance on the Avarua waterfront is a reminder the country’s number one particular market might have a problem.
“He kept altering the subject all the time,” reports one enterprise man right after a meeting with Rua. He’s not the only one particular.
Rua’s part in the industry has been discussed around
as Rarotonga shakes off cyclone tensions and eases back into typical routines, including meetings of the chamber of commerce.
Rua’s role was discussed briefly at Monday’s specific meeting of the national Chamber of Commerce.
Very briefly.

Who is the minister?

“Who is the minister?” asks importer Brian Baudinet at the open meeting.
About 65 individuals swapped smiles. This soon after all is an market that survives hurricane ministers like Dr. Joe Williams. And genuine hurricanes, 5 of them. In a row.
Rua may possibly or may not be a comparable. He is the very first new MP for Rakahanga in 30 years, replacing long-time political lion of the north, Dr Pupuke Robati. Rua is a former policeman and prison superintendent with more than two decades of knowledge questioning criminal suspects. Rua rose to the rank of chief inspector, where he was not shy of wielding authority.
His public profile dimmed when he went into business with former bond manager and convicted thief, Michael Benns. Then dived following he became the island’s greatest pirate.
Given previous knowledge with ministers like Williams, enterprise individuals are not too worried about Rua’s background. No, the dilemma is, they are just plain confused by Rua’s strategy to the market.

He talks about this, that

“He talks about undertaking this, doing that,” mentioned the enterprise man, who commented on condition of not being quoted.
1 factor that Rua has talked about publicly to the media is knocking down the wharf front restaurant, Paulina’s, and the old Marine Sources building.
In it’s location, the tourism minister wants to develop an open park capable of holding concerts with a huge, transportable, stage at water’s edge.
“Light it up at evening,” he tells avaiki nius agency, constructing an image of hundreds of individuals along the waterfront, watching performing arts.
Visionary stuff, say supporters.
Specially although the reality in front of him at the time was the aftermath of cyclone Meena. Rubble strewn across the road, the new justice ministry fence smashed more than.
“Good!” he says. “I hate that fence.”
Most people would agree with him, and think similarly about the distinctly Chinese flavour of the new justice creating.

Very good! I hate that fence

Concerns remain.
What, for instance, about the regional businesses at the wharf?
“Eah!” says Rua dismissively, flicking his hand.
As several as ten men and women worked in 1 of the buildings, featuring a tiny scale, neighborhood style restaurant, and an attached tattoo venue, specialising in standard styles. A toilet block was smashed in by Meena.
All facing uncertain future.
Soon after Meena, Cook Islands Investment Corporation chief executive Tarita Hutchinson told avaiki nius agency the fate of the buildings rests with the board of the CIIC.
At that stage, the board had but to meet.
Since then, there have been conflicting stories about what will take place to the Avarua waterfront.
And that’s without going into the rumours flying about about Trader Jack’s, only half of them place out by the owner of the country’s ideal-identified restaurant himself.
As an alternative of allaying nerves in the country’s engine space, nonetheless, minister Rua was off shocking the arts market.

Sacking Williams

Performing and visual arts were estimated in 2001 as being worth million to the country, according to a report by Arama and Associates.
Sacking the head of the Ministry of Cultural Development, Sonny Williams, was yet another confirmation, stated critics, that Rua is a loose cannon.
Several feel this is the last type of factor the sector, or the country, requirements when trying to recover from 5 cyclones.

Cool Lion Tattoos images

Sunday, December 1st, 2013

Check out these Lion Tattoos pictures:

Interestingness (48)
Lion Tattoos

Image by Jorbasa
1. What do you want?, 2. Licht- und Schattenspiele – lights and darks, three. satte Sommersause – summer season feelings, four. Sie sagt, sie kommt in ein paar Tagen wieder! – She says, she comes back in a handful of days!, five. KLASSIKSTADT 2012 – Jaguar, six. KLASSIKSTADT 2012 – Jaguar, 7. Techno Classica 2012 in Essen – en passant, 8. Oscar, hanging out (two),

9. Tattoo, 10. Oscar Teenager, 11. Weihnachtsgeschenk – Christmas present, 12. Schneekatze – snow cat, 13. four. Advent, 14. kleiner müder Löwe – tiny tired lion, 15. Ich bin ein Star – Holt mich hier raus! – I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Right here!, 16. Halbstarker – Teenager,

17. Meine Wohnung sieht anders aus! – It´s not my house!, 18. Wildkatzen – wild cats, 19. des einen Freud des anderen Leid – A single man’s joy is another man’s sorrow., 20. Sonnenblicke – sunny views, 21. genauer Beobachter – correct observer, 22. Oscar entspannt – Oscar relaxes, 23. Oskars erste Bekanntschaft mit Amselmann Kurti – Oscar, gets to kwow Mr. Blackbird Kurti, 24. zu Hause angekommen! – arrived home!,

25. Maxwell Sensible unforgettable and forever in my heart, 26. Maxwell Intelligent, 27. Mir ist so warm! – I am warm!, 28. Nidda Marktplatz – um 1900, 29. Lina – vorwitziges Katzenmädchen Lina – meddlesome catgirl, 30. Maxwell auf dem Dach seiner Welt, 31. Maxwell – unermüdliches Modell, 32. Maxwell hält Hof,

33. Stillleben Früchte Pflanzen, 34. Maxwell liebt Schuhe und Ruhe, 35. Maxwell macht sich sein Bild, 36. Maxwell macht Pause, 37. Impressionen von Maxwell Samrt

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I want this as a #tattoo. I am just a small leonine #lions

Sunday, December 1st, 2013

Check out these Lion Tattoos images:

I want this as a #tattoo. I am just a little leonine #lions
Lion Tattoos

Image by ohleonine

Nice Lion Tattoos pictures

Saturday, November 30th, 2013

Some cool Lion Tattoos images:

HMS Illustrious R06 – Aircraft Carrier – 3rd June – Jubilie Weekend @ Portsmouth ‘ Victorious Vintage’
Lion Tattoos

Image by old_skool_paul

Canon 60D with 18 – 135 mm EFS

Edited With: Adobe Lightroom

Anchors @ Portsmouth Historic Dockyard – 3rd June 2012
Lion Tattoos

Image by old_skool_paul

Canon 60D with 18 – 135 mm EFS

Edited With: Adobe Lightroom

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