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Day 245–Sketched
Lion Tattoos

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Taken for the 13 Issues group along with 365 Days and FGR. So I guess I must list my 13 factors…

IN honor of the new year quickly approaching, I thought I’d do a month-to-month 13 things…

January (1)~~I started off the year in a connection that was rapidly going downhill. I officially dropped out of PT college and was an emotional wreck. You could say this year came in like a mad lion for me.

February (2)~~The relationship officially ended towards the finish of the month. I felt like I was no one’s sweetheart for Valentine’s Day, even although I had a boyfriend.

March (three)~~Saint Patrick’s Day came and went and so did the birthday of my very best pal from higher school (Megan). I was browsing for a job and not having a lot luck.

April (four)~~I was officially hired onto the staff at Maurices. I was thrilled! It’s my first retail job EVER. I was also accepted into the Counseling plan at UNO to start functioning towards my Masters degree.

Could (five)~~I began my very first course in the counseling system and ended up with an A in the class (it was Intro, so everyone ought to get an A!).

June (six)~~My emotional roller coaster is starting to level out. I feel I am ready to begin searching again seriously for a boyfriend, but I am quite pleased getting single.

July (7)~~The 4th of July was alright, nothing spectacular. Had entertaining lighting off fireworks at our house. Celebrated moms birthday this month as well.

August (8)~~Content birthday to me and my dad! I am officially a 1/four century old. LOL. I also began my initial complete semester of masters level perform. I have also been promoted to Assistant Manager at Maurices in a element-time position.

September (9)~~My buddy Megan’s infant, Trenton Paul, is born on 9-11-07. He weighed just more than 7 pounds and was the cutest thing in the world! I got to hold him the day soon after he was born. :-)

October (ten)~~I made it to three different Halloween parties this year. I had fun at all of them.

November (11)~~Thanksgiving was a excellent time–we had a turkey for the initial time in years.

December (12)~~This year has come and gone rapidly it seems. Christmas was excellent this year as I got a new iPod Nano. This year is going out like a lamb. I am now dating a great guy, Phil, and it makes me really pleased.

Next Year (13)~~Absolutely everyone tends to make resolutions for the new year. I have a handful of in thoughts already. However, the point I&quotm hunting forward to the most is obtaining my very first tattoo on January five, 2008! What a way to bring in the new year! :-)

Red White Blue Eggs
Lion Tattoos

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