A few good Lizard Tattoos photos I found:

Family members on the thoughts tears falling on the face
Lizard Tattoos

Image by Chapendra
We talked about tattoos, he tried to speak me into receiving one from him or his &quotgurlthing&quot. He promised clean needles and perfect line operate, I declined. We talked about the meaning of my lizard tattoo and he asked if it meant I was coldblooded. I had never ever thought of it that way, honestly. Later on that day, I got yet another comment about how it could mean I come off coldblooded. But back to him and I’s speak. He joked that I was shy but I laughed and blushed. He totally was right. I am introverted about men and women I know [not counting my bff and a handful of others] but outgoing among strangers, he agreed. He did not care that I took a photograph of him as lengthy as I wasn’t for some publication or media.