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181. I will Take Two Of What You happen to be Getting
Love Tattoos

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I did not make a decision on my contribution to this project-inside-a-project till relatively late on. I’d had the Drive-By Truckers swimming around in my head all day, but I did not believe this song (probably my favourite of theirs) was entirely suitable. But then, I realised that I have a story for every occasion and my timing for this a single could not be considerably greater.

3 years tomorrow, I met a boy in a train station. He was somebody I’d been chatting to on the internet and on the phone a lot a whole bunch of in-jokes and shooting the shit about music. It was warm. We had ice cream. And by the end of the weekend, our lives would be changed forever.

You can roll your eyes at the hyperbole, but we’re acquiring married in a year so sucks to be you.

So this one particular goes out, I guess, to anyone who’s ever been in a lengthy-distance connection. We only managed it for like 3 months so you guys are my heroes.

And to that old, grumpy bastard on his laptop on the other sofa: I really like you, fuckface.

Drive-By Truckers: Goddamn Lonely Love
I got green and I got blues
and daily there is a tiny less difference amongst the two.
So I belly-up and disappear.
Properly I ain’t truly drowning ’cause I see the beach from here.

I could take a Greyhound residence but when I got there it’d be gone
along with every little thing a property is created up of.
So I’ll take two of what you are getting and I’ll take all of what you got
to kill this goddamn lonely, goddamn lonely love.

Sister, listen to what your daddy says.
Don’t be ashamed of items that hide behind your dress.
Belly-up and arch your back.
Nicely I ain’t really falling asleep I am fading to black.

You could come to me by plane, but that would not be the very same
as that old motel room in Texarkana was.
So I will take two of what you’re possessing and I will take all of what you got
to kill this goddamn lonely, goddamn lonely adore.

Stop me if you have heard this one before:
A man walks into a bar and leaves prior to his ashes hit the floor.
Cease me if I ever get that far.
The sun’s a desperate star that burns like every single 1 just before.

And I could discover an additional dream,
one particular that keeps me warm and clean
but I ain’t dreamin’ any longer, I’m waking up.
So I will take two of what you happen to be obtaining and I’ll take almost everything you got
to kill this goddamn lonely, goddamn lonely enjoy

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Love Tattoos

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