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april 4 2009: 181/365
Love Tattoos

Image by megan.barton
this. celebration. was. epic.

okay. so. kelsey (pictured above, left) texted me on saturday saying that her boyfriend was having a Fake Tattoo party and that i should come.
so of course i went. i imply, who turns down a fake tattoo party?
so here’s my initial of the evening: a hot pink unicorn! i was pretty excited about it if you can’t tell.

also – the kid behind us performing the heart with his hands – referred to as himself &quotGod&quot on the beerpong list.
also – we turned it into a dance party
also – there was a random british kid who taught us all how to &quothave a disco&quot
also – i was on ‘team beer’. that is right, i kept the celebration going by using my 21 powers to acquire yet another keg.
also – my second tattoo of the evening was a enjoy-brella. ask for photos. it is as excellent as it sounds
also – nick payne randomly showed up? hello?
also – it was just genuinely exciting. and i am genuinely glad i went.

Love Tattoos

Image by BabyBare11