A handful of nice Love Tattoos pictures I discovered:

Connie’s Holiday in Kuta
Love Tattoos

Image by Connie Arida
Braided Hair &quotTaylor&quot by Discord Designs
Amrita Face Tattoo
Henna hand Tattoos by TATTOO corner
Armlet and bracelet by Mezzo
Patchwork blue – top by CROCHET! Original Beachwear
metal ichiyama oval glasses by Wewi Yin
Denim Hotpants by Cherrygirl
Beach Bag by IBizzare

Your Ex-Lover Is Dead
Love Tattoos

Image by midnightglory
I instantly loved this song the moment I heard the quite very first verse. The lyrics are just awesome. The song is by Stars, who are part-time members of the super Canadian group, Broken Social Scene (which also includes members of Metric, The Dears, and a tiny indie artist by the name of Leslie Feist). If you’re capable to find this album, Set Your self On Fire, I highly very suggest it.

Click right here for a hyperlink to the album on the iTunes Store so you can sample this extraordinary album.

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Love Tattoos

Image by Thomas Jacobson artist
Thomas Jacobson can be contacted by way of lowbrow Productions 634 E Colonial Dr.
Orlando Florida 32803
(407) 316-0013