Check out these Love Tattoos pictures:

Think Me…I’m Lying.
Love Tattoos

Image by Oh Hush Hailey
I am starting to believe this would be a truly excellent tattoo.

AHH! I have been taggedddd &lt3

1. I hate coffee but love Starbucks. I always get the strawberries and creme frappuccino =DDD

two. I wish I had a soundtrack to my life that played non stop. Everything is so boring when there is not music playing.

3. I favor to not adhere to the crowd, kthanks.

4. I adore genuinely late 90’s music. Like early Blink 182, and Third Eye Blind. I also adore Really early My Chem. I’m not significantly of a fan of The Black Parade.

five. I got the hiccups the second I went to say hello to William Beckett. It was in fact genuinely funny and in my picture with him we have been each laughing about it &lt3

6. I can’t use really low cost off brand makeup. I can only use Covergirl and MAC makeup, since my face is sooo sensitive to truly low-cost shit.

7. I Really like horror films. But not low cost indie slasher flicks that look ridiculous.

8. A single time at Six Flags I rode Mr. Freeze 5 instances in a row with my buddy Sierra, and there have been only two other cute guys on the ride with us. So we told them to come sit with us, and it was honestly the ideal 20 seconds of my freaking week.

9. I in fact like my school. I imply, there are a couple of rules that I think are stupid and a couple of items that ought to change but general I like it.I had to go to a far worse college for 3 months, about 7 years ago, so something is much better than that. I HATE MY School.

ten. I’m an okay driver, and my only dilemma is switching lanes at evening time. I’ve nearly gotten into so several wrecks since of that, and the reality that I’m not really good at judging distance.

11. I employed to have 5 horses, that were amazing. Ahhh, I miss them:(

12. I get headaches extremely very easily. So I always preserve Aleve with me!

13. I have Hannah Montana wash cloths. OH YEAH=D

14. My preferred colour is yellow! It is just so gorgeous and vibrant to me.

15. I devote most of my time on the Post Secret Neighborhood chat room. Hah LAME.

16. I hate how so several men and women use the term &quotbest friend&quot loosely. Gosh, that just irritates me.