A handful of good Love Tattoos pictures I discovered:

What’s in my bag, year three.
Love Tattoos

Image by Hillary Stein
absolutely nothing added, absolutely nothing taken away. truth is, I am a mess.

Love Tattoos

Image by Mez Love

A Wonderful Surprise: Selected Poems & Letters of Emily Dickinson
Love Tattoos

Image by emilydickinsonridesabmx
The final two weeks have been pretty terrible for me, on a private level due to a significant family illness, then acquiring sick myself.

Out of nowhere, this lovely books showed up on my doorstep unbidden these days, from a excellent buddy of mine I’ve known since kindergarten.

I adore this for so numerous factors. Simply because I am obsessed with Emily Dickinson. Due to the fact I have this portrait of Emily Dickinson tattooed on my arm. Because Edward Gorey designed the kind. Due to the fact a friend randomly had me on their mind, and took the trouble to send me a thoughtful gift when I’ve been having a rough week. Because even although I’ve been seriously collecting Emily Dickinson books in all forms, this is an edition I do not personal. Due to the fact it had a hand written card in the stuck in the end papers. Since the cover value reminded me that books utilised to cost .50 in 1959.

This turned my day about.

Thanks to my incredible pal for sending this along, you rock.