A few good Love Tattoos pictures I found:

Love Tattoos

Image by Lies Thru a Lens 
Lurking in the depths of my unedited photos of Elizabeth (there are about 200), I identified this little gem. I hadnt even looked at it because I initial uploaded them to personal computer, but I kinda consider I like it.

There was a large window to the appropriate of shot, she is looking up and straight out of it, hence why the sunlight is coating her face and creating the image appear a small washed out. It truly brings the colour out in her eyes and lips and adds to the general softness of the image, without having losing also much detail. There was also a reflector positioned beneath her bouncing some of the light from a left hand side softbox which was used to cease any nasty shadows generating the image look as well contrasty.

I really like the appear in her eyes. Even though I knew what she was seeking at, its easy to envision that she is hunting up longingly at a lover, or lost in a dream, or wondering when the shoot might ultimately be over :).

As for editing, effectively I added a bit of noise to make it a small grainy and I added a slight bit of light falloff to market the dreaminess of the image.

Love Tattoos

Image by me and the sysop
fateful little batman notepad paper…

I Bought A NEW Automobile!!!

this is my try to frantically scribble every little thing the sales chick was telling me over the telephone. i lastly got in touch with the one who sold me remy, and she even gave me the wonderful news that the scumbag sales manager i dealt with final time doesn’t perform there any longer! she stated she vividly remembered me since of the review i wrote about him (and i quote: &quoti’d rather stroll than get a automobile from this man&quot).

soo… fortunately i got an ’09 because the ’10s are just also diverse. i am not prepared to move on, so i’m happy to have a remy appear-alike, albeit in a lighter color (graphite/galaxy grey depending on what year mazda you are looking at). ch-verify it out, she said she could not consider of a feature it didn’t have:

heated leather seats
six-disc cd changer
wheel locks
remote start off
rain sensor blades
automatic xenon headlights (finally i am one of those assholes)
satellite radio
random shit like a cargo net that i never care about
monkey-fightin’ 10-speaker bose sound program!

really all i wanted was the 10-speaker technique, but that indicates obtaining a lot of other crap that i don’t care about. honestly i’d rather have cloth seats, but whatever. this will assist the resale tremendously. so i got it for

352/365 AndYaDontStop Rockin’ It!
Love Tattoos

Image by -mrsraggle-
A copycat of Abe’s Day 36: www.flickr.com/photos/thenovys/2878180637/ as a tribute because he’s finishing his 365 tomorrow!!

Loved watching your stream because the virtually starting! I hope you hang about flickr, specially to maintain TOTW going.

FGR: AndYaDontStop Rockin’ It!
TOTW: Drawn on (with photoshop)

down (fortunately, given that it is not like i was organizing for this), two.9% apr, /month with TTL. not counting what i employed as a down payment for remy, that’s only an added /month for a comparatively pimped out automobile. remy, bless his heart, i enjoy him, but he only had six speakers. they are going to drive the new 1 down right here…TOMORROW! ^_^ and the peasants rejoice!

also, on an amusing note, although i was at the bus cease today, ray charles and the older guy were messing with me and pretending to cut in line as the bus was coming up the street. rob drove by and supplied me a ride, but i mentioned, &quotno, the bus is just late. it is proper there. and your vehicle is lame.&quot ray charles laughed and stated he wouldn’t be caught in that auto, either. )

four/27/09 21:00