A couple of nice Love Tattoos pictures I found:

Lady Gaga – “I AM GAGA!” – The Monster Ball 2010
Love Tattoos

Image by punxie89
Gaga screaming &quotI AM GAGA!&quot at the crowd, after giving her small monsters an inspirational speech about always remembering that we are superstars and that we have been born that way.

I have a prediction: I believe her new album, her 3rd one particular, is going to be known as &quotBorn This Way&quot. She stated that she wrote the album for her fans, and that she’s going to be announcing the title and artwork on NYE. All through the show, she kept saying items like &quotRemember that you are a superstar, and that you had been BORN THAT WAY!&quot. A person told me that in an interview, she said she wanted to get that tattooed on her. She also mentioned on a various occasion that she was going to tattoo the album title on her after it was announced. Hm.