A handful of good Love Tattoos pictures I discovered:

#ShineBright you crazy folks. Reside your life. Do good. Really like all. Worship one. #tattoo #ink #sun #shine #blue #sky #instamood #youarebeautiful
Love Tattoos

Image by sarahyclark

It’s three! three! three tattoos in one particular!!!
Love Tattoos

Image by kusine
My original armband (the celtic dragon), then the art inspired by Scott Saw, then the band of ravens. Took months upon months, and I nevertheless need to have touch-ups, but I really like it all.

Here’s the original art for Flipside: scottsaw.com/paintings_2005_flipside.html Julie produced some alterations that I believe make it all the greater for a tattoo.

(pardon the goosebumps — it was really chilly!!!)

New York City
Love Tattoos

Image by susan solinski
Summer season 2013