A few good Love Tattoos photos I found:

Love Tattoos

Image by The PIX-JOCKEY (visual fantasist)
I never want to make exciting of Angelina’s troubles!
I just want to encourage her, because the life and the show have to go on -)
Non voglio ironizzare sui problemi sanitari della Jolie!
Voglio solo incoraggiarla, perché la vita e lo spettacolo devono continuare -)
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Film outtake
Love Tattoos

Image by Mauro Luna
The image is untouched. Shot on Kodak BW400CN film.

That is how it came out on film, while playing with a friend’s 50mm f1.4 lens and a fisheye attachment.

I adore it

Houston Dr Sketchy, January session.
Model: Jen

Avant Garden, Houston.