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Don’t wanna be an American Idiot
Love Tattoos

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Miami Beach: Holocaust Memorial of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation
Love Tattoos

Image by wallyg
The Holocaust Memorial of the Higher Miami Jewish Federation, positioned at at Meridian Avenue and Dade Boulevard, was 1st opened on February 4, 1990. Made by Antonio Cantillo, Charles Treister and sculptor Kenneth Treister, the memorial was very first conceived by a committee of Holocaust survivors in 1984, formally established in 1985 as the Holocaust Memorial Committee.

The focal point of the memorial is The Arm of Six Million, a 43-foot tall bronze sculpture of a human arm, marked on the wrist with an identification tattoo from the Auschwitz concentration camp, reaching to the sky. Practically a hundred life-size human figures are noticed climbing the arm, trying to escape, with further figures scattered around the base in different positions.

The Arm sits in a sunken plaza, surrounded by a reflecting pool. A tunnel, whose walls are inscribed with the names of concentration camps, connects to the plaza to a path and black granite wall, etched with Holocaust scenes and the name of 4,000 victims, circling the pool. At the entrance is a full-length figure of a mother with two tiny youngsters wrapped in her arms. Close to the exit are two female figures laying dead, their extended gowns flowing down from the base.