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Love Tattoos

Image by Lies Thru a Lens 
I nevertheless profess that it is impossible to get a negative photograph of this girl. Ok, they are not ground breaking images of mystery and intrigue, but each single one of them is aesthetically pleasing, and that is all thanks to her.

When I initial met her at the studio, my initial reaction was &quotwow, we are gonna get some amazing shots.&quot To think that she isn’t a model just tends to make it even far more ridiculous. She is so stunning that no matter how considerably you like the images, trust me, she is far more stunning in true life. She is both every single photographers dream and nightmare rolled into one tiny bundle of individual.

Id love to perform with her again one particular day, as we only got about an hour to get all these shots and Im positive we could greater these subsequent time.

Subsequent cease – Hollywood!
Love Tattoos

Image by Alaskan Dude
Sabrina is 1 of our absolute favored models – I’ve shot with her several instances more than the years and every time it was a blast. The silly girl fell in really like and moved to the Midwest but she was in Anchorage this summer so she joined us for this shoot in an alley in downtown Anchorage in August 2011 – I am so glad I did.

While I loved shooting with her, I noticed at this shoot that Sabrina is now a extremely mature, expert, absolutely beautiful young woman. How did I luck out? Some deity have to be smiling on me! Sabrina – let me know if you ever make it back to Alaska – you know I will often want to shoot with you!