A couple of nice Love Tattoos photos I found:

can you inform she used to run cross-nation for ucsd? – _MG_8243.JPG
Love Tattoos

Image by sean dreilinger
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Seriously, I <3 NYC
Love Tattoos

Image by yarnivore
Okay, this is a little hard to clarify.

Mistress Sharon right here was parking her automobile when I walked past on East 2nd, and she asked if she was on the curb. I helped her park, and then when I was walking down the street, she caught up to me, and we ended up chatting for a couple of blocks. She performs at Lucky Cheng’s, where she tells me she gives the drag queens a run for their cash.

She loved my tattoo, but says that at 51 (and as a nice Jewish girl) she is as well old to get one particular since her hair is salt-and-pepper, she mentioned she’s pondering of dying it a bright color, and so asked for tips. We had a lovely natter, and when we got to the corner where she was turning off, I asked to take her picture.

She stated that she’d be delighted, but that she has a shtick about taking photographs — she picks people up. I did not genuinely believe she could, but she has skillz! She explained how to stand and we asked a bystander to take the picture and then she swooped me up! I adore that the bystander was completely unbothered.

Maybe not the most flattering image that will ever be taken of me, but fine documentary evidence of a superb few minutes on the streets of the East Village.

Love Tattoos

Image by SWANclothing