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Collection [Day five/7]
Love Tattoos

Image by Bekah Stargazing
Not so a lot film-inspired as it is movie-inclusive.

Charlie and I are huge VHS tape collectors. We loooove all the old VHS tapes we find for like 30 cents to a couple dollars a piece at diverse locations. Goodwill, Savers, and Bull Moose are our go-to spots for VHS tapes, along with flea markets and stuff.

We have a massive collection. Not really positive how massive, and this photo only shows a fraction of what we have.

The background is a little fuzzy considering that I focused on my hand, but I hope you can nevertheless see the collection okay.

I’m putting note-issues on the photo itself to explain some of the non-video products are, and noting a handful of of my extremely favored tapes.

Love Tattoos

Image by Mayra Macchi
DJ Kramu
Fox Land (25,35,3003)

yoska sleeve 01
Love Tattoos

Image by Helter.Skelter.
Such a show off. The tattoos all represent a variety of items about his character, so I did a lot of research on the ones I picked. Tell me your theories… I’d enjoy to hear them!