A few good Love Tattoos photos I found:

e, alla fine, sento solo il tuo respiro
Love Tattoos

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thanks to michele, my fantastic brand new boyfriend, who has got (at the moment) two tattoos i genuinely really like.

Salt ceremony
Love Tattoos

Image by SarahBanana.ix
We performed a salt ceremony as our unity ceremony. Here’s what we wrote:

Sarah and Brook, you have just sealed your relationship by the providing and receiving of rings and you have committed to share the rest of your lives with each other. These days this relationship is symbolized by means of the pouring of these two individual containers of salt into a third that you might use to imbue really like into your meals throughout your lives collectively.

The two components that compose salt are sodium and chlorine. Apart, these components are potentially hazardous but together they generate a mineral essential for life. Salt has been employed as currency in ancient instances and has been employed to preserve food for lengthy journeys. It is what amplifies food flavors. It is found in our blood, sweat, and tears.

Just as these grains of salt can by no means be separated and poured again into the person containers, so will your marriage be. And when this salt mixture runs low, as you never ever let it empty, you can refill the vessel with new salt but know that you will often have some of the mixture you created today as a symbol of your ever lasting really like.

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