A few good Love Tattoos pictures I found:

me by Masek.
Love Tattoos

Image by Oakley Foxtrot
I am IN adore with this pic. An additional thank you to Masek, for this epic profile pic.

I am fairly certain I have thanked him like 2343 occasions, but it is aiight 😀

skin / Belleza
hair / small bones
eyes / Dead Apples
brows / Moon
lashes / Lovely Alien
tattoos / Bolson
best / ISON

It is not about loud pipes, tattoos, long hair, chrome, or leather.
Love Tattoos

Image by Mike+Tiffy
90% of Harley &quotMen&quot have nothing on these guys.

It was 31 degrees, and I had two inches of snow on my hood.

And yes, I want I had put the window the entire way down. Nonetheless, time was quick.