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Love Tattoos

Image by by Ophelia photographs
The Koi Fish is symbolic in the Buddhist Religion, representing courage. Humans ‘swim’ via the ‘ocean of suffering’ without having worry, just like a fish swims by means of water.
It is stated to climb waterfalls bravely, and, if caught, it lies upon the cutting board awaiting the knife with no a quiver, not unlike a samurai (warrior) facing a sword
The carp is an acceptable symbol to encourage the overcoming of life’s troubles top to consequent success

Love Tattoos

Image by maureen_sill
tonight noreen and i moved the furniture about in her area and then we collapsed on the bed, talked forever, time flies so significantly when we’re discussing when we’re flowing our brains to every other when we’re cracking our skulls and pouring them into each other’s mouths
i say
let’s draw all over my other guitar let’s fuck it all up
she says are you sure? i don’t want to mess it up!
i say oh come on now, do what ever you want love do not be a square let’s fuck it up let’s make it ours and if we hate it then we’ll paint all more than it and do it until we’re in really like with it
so we did
and it is great and we hummed and drew all more than it, smoked some sage and smelled nice she said good factors and we talked about crucial and irrelevant items as usual
she can’t reach items from the prime cupboard, she asks me how tall i am. 5’8. she is 5’1, i barely noticed trigger she’s so big and so robust and so present that she’s much more like 6’1 in my brain. i get the blankets for her out of the top cupboard. we get lost in the markers on my guitar, get tired, go residence. it really is usually great to be with her. i brought my guitars property and took a picture on anna’s floor.

my classes nowadays went okay, a little on the let down side but aha, the initial day is one for guidelines and introductions and syllabi and all of that sillyness. i know it will be enhanced once again. i already have three pages to create, fifty to study, and two pages of math homework to do. college is not worth my time! but i will finish it.