Check out these Love Tattoos photos:

Key Tom
Love Tattoos

Image by dollen
Not the Bowie song…

Colorado Model Alix R

One particular for the outtakes. I just love outtakes. Candid moments from crazy cool shoots are occasionally the very best memories. I believed I was buing a couch after seeing the heels dig in so considerably even though.

You know there is just one thing specific about a girl in a guys shirt. The whie, barely buttoned up shirt is perfect for Alix.

Some hecklers have been asking about he lack of posts :) So here is what I have been up as well.

Bought this and plan to use it extremely soon.

Tore aprat last evening and produced load about 900% faster. Lengthy more than due.

New dollen shirts coming this weekend.. hunting for deserving flickr kinds to pass some out also.

and about 10 other projects in the functions.

So, far more.. quickly and with a new model… she rocks!

Thanks for the comments, e mail and heckling.