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Scars of Time
Love Tattoos

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When alcoholism fuelled his violence, he saw himself turn into some type of monster, like a hidden character within his psyche. He watched it riot and rage. But the individual I was talking to was not that monster. Instead, he was witnessing it, feeling powerless more than it.

In his heart, he knew what very good was and he knew what was critical and right. He’s a powerful fighter. And soon after all that he’s been by means of, he is nevertheless alive.

When I told him that I saw hope in his situation and how gorgeous his qualities were, and how inspired I was to meet him, he listened and couldn’t deny any of it. Some place inside, he knew that he was a very good person.

Beauty and sabotage… light and dark – the two forces are everywhere, in everybody and almost everything. But the subtlety and lightness of really like have to be so several occasions much more brilliant and eye-catching that it will have to shine by way of. Utter blackness can be demolished by a single photon of light.

So the light has to come by means of… and even though darkness is ever-present, its destruction is assured, love’s victory is assured.