A couple of good Love Tattoos photos I identified:

[ Scars are souvenirs you’ll by no means lose ]
Love Tattoos

Image by αвву (definiytely NOT Right here Anymore, ya know?)
I have scars on my physique
from utilizing myself
abusing myself
in sickness and in well being
i have bruises on my physique
which go away with time but stay in my mind forever
as a continuous reminder of the last man i loved
i have the word ‘truth’ on my arm
simply because there is no space for honesty when you’re a liar
i have a tattoo on the back of my neck which i can’t see
but i can feel
but i can feel
but i can
i have a tattoo on my stomach which in italian indicates ‘the sweet life’
i have the word ‘love’ in flames surrounded by stars on my right wrist
due to the fact these five fingers go straight into the soul of man
i have the word ‘hate’ on my left wrist simply because the left hand is the hand of hate
and it was with this hand that cain knifed his brother
i’m correct handed
possibly that’s my issue.

Scars – My Ruin

To the scars that decorated our bodies and souls &lt3
They keep in mind us the experiences that we have had, beautiful and ugly, and that have created us grow up.
Never be ashamed,be proud of your scars &lt3
Model: Me
Photomanipulation: Me

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