A couple of good Love Tattoos pictures I identified:

Tattooed pig surpise birthday postcard
Love Tattoos

Image by Carol Browne
from Shain in Arizona. What a wonderful surprise. I entirely enjoy this postcard.

Thanks Shain!

Love Tattoos

Image by Viewminder
Individuals really fascinate me.

I meet so several diverse kinds of folks.

1 day I’m shooting a guy covered in tattoos and piercings… the next day the Mayor of Chicago… A well-known blues singer on stage… and then this guy.

I am amazed at the differences in human beings…

And I’m impressed with all the similiarities.

We all dream the identical dreams…

There is only minor variations.

We all quite a lot want the very same issues out of life.

Acquiring this close to folks has taught me a lot.

It’s been one particular of the most rewarding endeavors of my life.

Man I wish I could make a bunch of funds doing it…

Adequate so that I did not have to do something else.

I’d do it every single day… in so many various places…

I’d really like to travel the globe and bring you photos of all of the various folks…

Who dream the very same dreams.

Faces on the street
Chicago 7.23.11
35mm 1.eight cropped square contrast shot up

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