Some cool Lower back Tattoos images:

My Radiation Machine
Lower back Tattoos

Image by Derek K. Miller
I lie face down on the table, which then rises up. Radiation technologists adjust my position with the laser and rulers on the wall and floor, primarily based on the three tattoos on my decrease back. Then they leave the area and close the huge thick door behind them.

The linear accelerator pivots to 1 side, blasts me twice with radiation, pivots to the other side, blasts me twice once again, then returns to the topmost position and blasts me again.

I hear a buzzing noise every single time, but never really feel anything. I do not get to appear at the photos on the ceiling — just the surface of the table in front of my face. The whole approach requires about five minutes. It happens each and every weekday, and will from mid-April to late Could 2007.

Lower back Tattoos

Image by blythe_d
Funny story: Hanging out at… crap, I can not keep in mind the name of the second bar. But we have been enjoying a pitcher of Blue Moon (sidenote: Thank you, Rachel, for turning me on to that) when a couple of gangsta-types waltz in. Guess they have been grabbing a couple of drinks before the Wu-Tang show? Anyhow, this 1 chick walks previous and turns to order a drink at the bar and I catch sight of her tattoo on her decrease back (I refuse to contact it a buttstache or tramp stamp simply because… well, I have a single). I ask Stef to check due to the fact with my crappy vision, I swear my eyes should be deceiving me.

Apparently not.

Yes, this lady had &quotTHUG LIFE&quot tattooed on her reduce back. So a lot cooler than mine. I dared Tory to try to get a photo, but he was scared her homie boyfriend would throw down.