A couple of good Mask Tattoos photos I found:

06/28/2007: Dream’s Helm
Mask Tattoos

Image by armchairdj
The color on Dream’s helm, and his hand, is amazing. This tableau is not a direct translation of any single panel or moment in &quotThe Sandman,&quot but it draws together a bunch of motifs and events that are critical to the story.

Poster-Album Art
Mask Tattoos

Image by Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton
This consumed a great component of my Saturday. Part of my post-production operate for a CD-album cover and poster. This is my very first attempt a a little &quotcommission&quot like this.
Now you may comprehend why I’m failing horribly in my going to the photographs of my buddies. . sorry. . .

The bricks on the left side have been completed by creating a partial &quotmask&quot and then turning it into a negative, and layering it back.

There ARE flaws in it, but since it will end up as a 4 inch x four inch CD cover, they should be OK at that size.
1k-9480 album-poster 1cr