A couple of nice Mask Tattoos photos I identified:

Mask Tattoos

Image by Lies Thru a Lens 
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I travelled to Liverpool for a photoshoot with Jazz singer Katie &quotKit&quot Williams back in August. She wanted a 1940’s style photoshoot, with some retro processing along with some far more standard portraits.

I like the way these photographs have come out and believe some of them appear genuinely old fashioned and from that period.

To achieve this appear, I desaturate the photo and slightly improve the red and yellow channels, to give the skin a slightly much more pale look. Then, I duplicate the layer, adding gaussian blur. Generating a mask, I punch by means of the gaussian blur to reveal the face and neck so that only the background and tips of the hair are blurred. I then develop yet another layer and reapply gaussian blur to the entire image. As soon as carried out, I alter the blend mode on the best layer to overlay and descrease the opacity to about 45% (till it appears right). This for me, offers it a 1940’s style Hollywood impact.

Hope you appreciate.

what its like
Mask Tattoos

Image by Kalense Kid
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