A few good Military Tattoos images I found:

Rolls Royce Armoured Vehicle
Military Tattoos

Image by byronv2
A pair of these early Rolls Royce armoured cars had been on a low loader on Johnstone Terrace on the way house from function, presumably transported their to be taken into the Castle for the Tattoo.

Or they could be for attempting to get by means of all those Festival crowds – push through with the armour and if that fails there’s the old Maxim machine gun to clear some space (they do not like it up ’em, Captain Mainwaring&quot). Outside of the Festival these are also dashed handy for keeping down those pesky tribesmen who stupidly object to you taking over their country to add to your Empire. Drive out in comfort, gun the blighters down, back to the officer’s club in time for a sundowner, dontcha know.

Airbus A-400M
Military Tattoos

Image by Dave_S.
New European transport aircaft displaying at RIAT Fairford 2013