Some cool Military Tattoos photos:

Stella N Max
Military Tattoos

Image by
Model Stella Rose and Max

Initial time working with gels and soon after a rough begin factors got manageable. Really difficult to say the least and wants allot of improvement.

Max was there assisting Stella out and I asked him if he wanted to jump in for a couple of pics and some portraits as I thought he had an fascinating look and the two of them would make for some cool pictures.

He was game and I shot a handful of pics of the two of them collectively as properly as a few portraits of Max that I will post later.


1 AB 400 camera left and behind subject in Photoflex Medium Softbox ‘Gridded&quot for rim. Geled Straw
1 AB 400 camera appropriate and behind topic in 20 degree grid for rim Geled Straw
1 AB 1600 in Medium Photoflex Octobox Geled Teal Green camera correct slightly off axis for fill
1 AB 1600 in ten degree grid camera proper and 45 degree off subjects-no gel for essential-in this image i forget to bring all lights reduce as we have been shooting stand up vs sitting but after hunting at photos on the pc and becoming my initial time with gels i decided to leave as is so my crucial light is totally missing them.

Shutter 1/125
ISO 125