A couple of nice Monster Tattoos photos I found:

LXForums 3rd Annual Woodward BBQ: Green With Envy
Monster Tattoos

Image by Chrysler Group
Green-er with Envy: At last year’s LXForums.com’s Woodward BBQ, we met 3 owners of Green With Envy Dodge Challenger SRTs – Dave Cooley, Frank Raymore and Jeff Davis. (See www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151108368519485&ampset….)

At the third annual Woodward BBQ on Friday, the number of GWE Challengers doubled to six with the additions of Jamie Sample, Scott Cyr and Steve Morse.

Jamie, who drove to the WDC from northeast Ohio, said a Green With Envy Challenger very first caught his eye in a 2011 model-year flier, but he needed to see it first.

He later learned that a nearby dealer had one in stock and the rest is history.

“As soon as I walked by means of the door, I knew that it was coming house with me,” he mentioned.

Steve Morse had a Pale Green 1973 Dodge Challenger R/T and despite the fact that he was searching at a Plum Crazy Purple 2010 Challenger, he put these plans on hold when he heard about the Green With Envy Challenger plans for 2011.

“I purchased it new drove it home then put it in storage proper away. And in the spring I took it out and began driving it,” Steve mentioned.

“Every time I get it out someone is telling me the color is great and they feel it is so cool. Final year at Woodward, individuals have been stopping me in the street to take pictures of it. That’s sort of weird and at the very same time kinda cool, also.”

Scott Cyr, from Ontario, says when he’s not with his GWE Challenger, he has a close reminder: “I have a tattoo matching my plate on my proper arm … the ‘green eyed’ monster.”

He also said his GWE has turned far more than a handful of heads.

“I’ve been flashed, had people stick their heads and hands out their windows with cameras, even at highway speeds,” he said. “There have even been a couple of ‘friend’ requests from men and women when they see the automobile.”

In the image: L-R Dave Cooley, Scott Cyr, Frank Raymore, Jamie Sample, Steve Morse, Jeff Davis.