A few good Monster Tattoos pictures I found:

049 Wed Mar 17th 2010
Monster Tattoos

Image by Ocktobre
I’ve been browsing Locatei (http://www.flickr.com/images/locatei/)’s sets and I am so fully amazed. Wonderful images, incredible human being, wonderful function. I saw that she had done a &quotwhat’s in your bag these days&quot thing and so I decided to do it as well.

The PMS monster is in full blast and I can’t shake off my weird, shitty mood. I had a very weird panic attack last evening and was quite fortunate that my girlfriend was there to aid me calm down. I have this problem where… I treat my issues like open applications. Rather of just carrying out what demands to be done in every single, one by one, I tile the windows and get freaked out simply because there are way also numerous items… I’m a work in progress. But hey at least it’s spring in a few days? :)