A couple of good Monster Tattoos images I identified:

Lady Gaga with “Dad” tattoo – MONSTER BALL 2009
Monster Tattoos

Image by Naomi Lir
Lady Gaga, performing at the Air Canada Center in Toronto, Ontario Canada on November 28th, 2009. It was the second night of her headlining tour, in help of her second album, &quotThe Fame Monster&quot. Supporting acts had been Semi Precious Weapons and Kid Cudi.

This is a shot of the ending video of the show. It featured Gaga with a skeleton-style headpiece, obtaining a tattoo of a heart with a banner that stated &quotdad&quot on her left shoulder. The finish of the video features Gaga smiling, with opera music playing as it fades. Her father lately underwent emergency heart surgery. He told her when he located out he required it, that he wasn’t going to go via with it. This angered her, and she told him that if he died due to the fact he did not have it, that she would never ever enjoy or write again. That is what the song &quotSpeechless&quot, off her new album, is about. Her father was in attendance for the show.

best tattoo all trip
Monster Tattoos

Image by Andrew Huff
a Ford monster truck