Some cool Moon Tattoos images:

Sl Outfit five/15/07
Moon Tattoos

Image by Juushika Redgrave
In the game Second Life, I play the avatar Juushika Redgrave.

I collect star tattoos and pawprint tattoos (and might be starting a collection of scratch tattoos). This was mainly an excuse to show off a new set of the former. I went for a black and white look and kept the entire factor fairly straightforward, except for the strong constrasting colors of my hair and eyes. The accessories are both from BroGear–they’re produced for boys, so the necklace is wide on me and the anklet is really a slightly modified and repositioned bracelet. All in all–I like the appear. ^_^

Shirt: White Sheer Buttonup by GLAM
Bra: Peek-a-boo Bra by Winter Moon
Shorts: Messy Shorts – Midnight by Surf Couture
Shoes: Signature Sandal – White &amp Silver by Lassitude &amp Ennui

Eyes: Green Cat Eye by Skin Deep
Skin: Mature Freckled Sultry Plain Nimbus by Sin Skins
Hair: Ghost – Redhot by Gritty Kitty

Tattoo: Stardust by Artistic Skinpression
Anklet: Simple Chain by BroGear (slightly modified, tinted)
Necklace: Improv Necklace by BroGear (tinted)
Glasses: Emily by Persenickety
Collar: Amethyst Collar (Slim) by Amethyst
Whiskers: Plenty Black Whiskers by Gritty Kitty
Neko Parts: Anisa’s Neko Ears and Tail by Anisa @ OTCR (ears modded to include Industrial piercing by DEEKS)