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Image from page 344 of “Peg o’ the ring, a maid of Denewood” (1915)
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Identifier: pegoringmaidofde00knip
Title: Peg o’ the ring, a maid of Denewood
Year: 1915 (1910s)
Authors: Knipe, Emilie Benson, 1870-1958 Knipe, Alden Arthur, 1870-1950
Publisher: New York, The Century Co
Contributing Library: New York Public Library
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Text Appearing Ahead of Image:
when the appointed time had come. Thesign was the sign of may possibly and power. The Iro-quois bowed to it, getting their personal purposes to serve. He paused a moment, hunting straight beforehim as if perchance he saw a vision, and I heldmy peace, conscious that his words had considerably ofseriousness for the rest of his audience, thoughthey sounded great enough to my ears. In time this man left our village, Tiscoquamwent on. He departed secretly by evening, takingwith him the magic sign. This did not pleasethe Senecas, and we followed swiftly to see if hehad offered us straight talk, and to note his doings.At the initial white settlement he made himselfsimple with fire-water and boasted that he hadtricked the Iroquois, vowing that the boy wasnot the son of the French King, but the youngster ofhis personal sister. When that news reached to ourlodges we would have let the boy die but for themark. That saved him/three Why did you worry it, Tiscoquam? I asked,seeing naught in a figure of Cupid to so impressa savage. 328

Text Appearing After Image:
I leaned forward to do his bidding A RING WITH A RESON Tiscoquam has no fear, he answered proudly,ubut although the fool who brought the man-childspoke ever with a forked tongue, the mark ismagic. Never was any other child so born intothe world. I could scarce conceal a start as I realized thatthe Indian had imagined the tattooing on the littleboy to be the function of nature but Tiscoquam wasstill speaking and his next words showed thatthe thoughts of the child and the thoughts of a savagehave a lot in widespread, for what the Iroquoishad thought of the mark I also had thought whenI was little. Tt is a sign for the Mengive, else had it notbeen an Indian with a bow, Tiscoquam went on.There have been many who have tried to readthe portent, but what it means our wisest medi-cine men have not been able to make plain. Yethe who has the sign have to have the youngster so, formany moons, we have kept him till you showedthe magic mark. Now the boy is restored toyou. He ended with a wave of his hand toward theyoung m

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