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The World’s Oldest Tattoo?
Mummy Tattoos

Image by timtak
Cherchen Woman’s Friends’ Tattoo

The best line was my no cost hand attempt. The second, a deserifed version, the third, the tatoo taken with photoshop from the lady’s hand (RIP).

This tattoo was located on the hand of a partly caucasian woman, located mummified in the Gobi dessert, who lived about 3000 years ago. Bearing in mind that she or her close friends were wearing plaid (tartan, yes actually) wool, there are even these that suggest that the pattern and the people are of celtic origin.

It looks a small bit like a design linking forward and backward epsilons.
Or maybe it is topologically related to a &quotgreek essential&quot pattern, specifically if sanserif and squared, as in the lower row.
Or it could even bear a similarity to a Samoan Ta Tau tattoo, from which the word &quottattoo&quot is derived.

I guess that the similarities are much more likely to random or due to the sort of patterns that people like.

Original tatoo, center bottom here.

Sorry, the above tattoo is about 3000-3500 years old but the worlds oldest belongs to Otzi apparently, at 5300 years old. His seem to be significantly less ornate even though.

the most weel preserve mummy 500 years
Mummy Tattoos

Image by hydrojeno

The whoops! Side of a daddy haircut cunningly disguised with a mummy temp tattoo
Mummy Tattoos

Image by ebbandflo_pomomama