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A young artist exposes their soul
Music Tattoos

Image by laubarnes
This photo is apart of the ‘Death of Reside Music’ photo essay.
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Place: A Bedroom
Model: Katie

The notion bargains with how young song writers bear their soul thought their music. By becoming naked within the shot, it is a metaphor of how musicians exposures their emotions to the entire globe though their art.

The shot was taken inside a dull bedroom, with absolutely nothing in the background to take away from the topic. Black sheets on the bed to compliment the soft tone of the skin. A medium wide shot, incorporating the bed and the entire body from the leading to bottom of the shot. The vertical framing of the shot would incorporate the rule of thirds, with a third of the photo getting covered by a wall (photoshop the wall in).

Two flashes have been utilized in the final shot. The 1st becoming a master flash just off camera to the left with a diffuser on it to highlight the model’s face. The second flash was set slave and was to the correct, also employing a diffuser to even out the shadows.