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The Man no.155
Music Tattoos

Image by dek dav
The Man no.155, by Eels from Tomorrow Morning

Ask the birds singin’
I am the man
By popular demand

The little skinhead with the tattooed face
Shows me a moment of style and grace
The old hippie with the tie-dye headband
Flashes a peace sign to the man

Ask the birds singin’
I am the man
Well, I do what I can

The angry redneck in his pickup truck
Suggestions his hat and provides the thumbs-up
The New Age guy with the yoga mat
Blesses me with a pat on the back
The long haired indie rock kid in a band
Appears by means of his hair and shakes my hand
The old homeless guy who smells like pee
Stops speaking nonsense and says &quotMorning, E&quot

Ask the birds singin’
I am the man
It’s all portion of the plan

The thug rapper with the gold and chains
Puts in his grill and says &quotGood day&quot
The politician going door to door
Says &quotNo vote means more to me than yours&quot

Ask the birds singin’
I am the man
You know I’d win if I ran

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Uh Huh Her: Leisha Hailey
Music Tattoos

Image by jennyrotten
Dear Leisha, are you getting your tattoo lasered off? It’s so fadey and stuff. But then, I was about three light years away from the stage so…who knows.

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