A couple of good Music Tattoos images I identified:

Leaf tattoos … and piercings
Music Tattoos

Image by Nick Kenrick,
Challenge No. 50 TATTOO

and some music .. www.youtube.com/watch?v=6kFH5A9J1uA

BossBob’s image: www.flickr.com/images/bossbob50/7315819436/in/contacts/
Karen’s image: www.flickr.com/images/47537995@N03/7308099812/in/pool-138…
DiveBob’s image:
Debbes’ image: declined

Icky Thump
Music Tattoos

Image by dollen
Colorado Model &quotTeddy&quot www.modelmayhem.com/903689

Awww a sad day and Dollen land. The White Stripes are officially hanging it up and in honor of them.. the todays title to one particular of the more rocking tunes from them. The Icky Thump. Hopefully Jack White keeps the music coming in his other projects and keeps rock alive.