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Each Time I Die
Music Tattoos

Image by Nathan Congleton
This is an article, which includes my photographs from this show. Despite the fact that it is cool that my perform was published, i do not agree with what this dude had to say about hardcore, or heavier music in general. single-time-i-di…

Mississauga Santa Claus Parade , November 30, 2008 / Toronto Signals Band
Music Tattoos

Image by bill barber
I’m nevertheless officially down for a bit, but I posted these for my extended families and pals. I never genuinely expect comments because I will not be commenting on yours for a bit.

From my set entitled &quotMississauga Santa Claus Parade 2008&quot
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Taken from: band.htm
The Toronto Signals Band is a single of the oldest continuous operating Bands in Canada, and we are crowd favourite at Parades, Concerts, Tattoo’s and Drum Corp Shows. Readily recognized by its scarlet and black uniforms, it has maintained the reputation as a precision marching unit and a excellent playing group. It has distinctively earned the title of &quotCanada’s Marching Ambassadors&quot and has won over 350 awards considering that its inception.