A few nice Music Tattoos pictures I identified:

Where does the excellent go?
Music Tattoos

Image by dollen
Title Music – youtu.be/8RDdmfWsrsw
and another excellent song by Tegan and Sarah – youtu.be/_bqL8o6SxUo
awww. this rocks also – youtu.be/jtCGODjuRq0

So it’s about that time of year to make resolutions and such.. add yours here sharedspaces.googlelabs.com/6zLo1P9YLl

Colorado Model Karen Parker www.modelmayhem.com/1866703

I think I could have passed out for a month or so.. a flickr comma? If only that were accurate, i’d be rested and prepared for the new year.

Coolness located on Flickr: flic.kr/p/91B46E

and this !!!

Flick on Flickr’s :)

Hey, My Boobs Are Down Right here
Music Tattoos

Image by epiclectic
Ford, Lita
RCA 6397-1-R