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Danny Trejo
Music Tattoos

Image by Bob Bekian
Bob Bekian Pictures
Danny Trejo’s tattoo of his little ones at Venice Pavillion

Johnny 23 of Con-Air will not only be your mentor and fight instructor in The Fight: Lights Out, he’ll also be a playable character come the final game. Danny Trejo in real life, has lent his likeness not only to mold you into the winning champion you’d want to be, but also to show his personal kickass abilities when you go up against him later on.
This was confirmed by the game’s associate producer, Kieran Gaynor, at a current PlayStation Move occasion in Dublin. Despite the fact that it is been confrimed that he will be playable, we have but to hear if he will be an unlockable character of he’ll be arriving by way of a DLC.
We’ll keep you posted on this a single.
By means of [The Gaming Liberty]

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At The Giddy Edge Of Light
Music Tattoos

Image by Kalense Kid
This tattooed man was getting a pint in the George Inn, Southwark, London’s lone galleried coaching inn, protected by the National Trust. The courtyard in front of the pub is full of tables with benches. He was sitting out there with his buddy, till 1 or other of them got cold and came inside. I saw them via the door connecting my drinking area from the principal bar.

His tattoos are exciting. With a little function you can uncover out quite a lot about this particular person, including his views on life, his preference in music, and possibly even where he lives, just from his tattoos. Or perhaps it really is just that I’m a born spook.