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Image from web page 208 of “Egypt and its monuments” (1908)
Panther Tattoos

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Identifier: egyptitsmonument00hich
Title: Egypt and its monuments
Year: 1908 (1900s)
Authors: Hichens, Robert Smythe, 1864-1950
Publisher: New York, Century Co.

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Text Appearing Prior to Image:
in bygone days, the Lady ofPhilae, the land started to change in character, to be fullof a new and barbaric meaning. In recent years I havepaid a lot of visits to northern Africa, but only to Tunisiaand Algeria, nations that are wilder-searching, andmuch wilder-seeming, than Egypt. Now, as I ap-proached Assuan, I seemed at last to be also method-ing the genuine, the intense Africa that I had known in theSahara, the enigmatic siren, savage and strange andwonderful, whom the standard Ouled Nail, crowned withgold, and tufted with ostrich plumes, painted with kohl,tattooed, and perfumed, hung with golden coins andamulets, and framed in plaits of coarse, false hair, rep-resents indifferently to the eyes of the traveling stranger.For at last I saw the sands that I love creeping downto the banks of the Nile. And they brought with themthat great air which belongs only to them—theair that dwells among the dunes in the solitary places^that is like the cool touch of Liberty upon the face of a 2 12

Text Appearing Right after Image:
PHIL.^ man, that tends to make the brown kid of the nomad as Hthe,tireless, and fierce-spirited as a young panther, and setsflames in the eyes of the Arab horse, and provides speedof the wind to the Sloughi. The correct lover of thedesert can never rid his soul of its passion for thesands, and now my heart leaped as I stole into theirpure embraces, as I saw to correct and left amber curvesand sheeny recesses, shining ridges and bloomy clefts.The clean delicacy of those sands that, in extended andelowinsf hills, stretched out from Nubia to meet me,who could ever describe them? Who could ever de-scribe their soft and enticing shapes, their exquisitegradations of colour, the small shadows in their hollows,the fiery beauty of their crests, the patterns the coolwinds make upon them? It is an enchanted royaitmeof the sands by means of which one particular approaches Isis. Isis and engineers! We English individuals have effectedthat curious introduction, and we greaUy pride our-selves upon it. We have presented Sir William Gar-s

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