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Patriotic American Tattoos

Image by Sebastian Anthony

I am not a massive football fan.

I supported a team as soon as, when I was a teenager, when I had a best friend. I supported the exact same group as him due to the fact… properly… you don’t just sit there in silence when the rest of the household are red-faced and screaming at the tv. It really is just not completed.

I supported them for a couple of years in no way did see an actual, reside football match even though, and I seldom watched them on tv. I do try to watch England’s international matches, and I assume I understand enough of the game to appreciate it, but I actually only actually watch simply because it’s the accomplished factor. I cannot turn up at the (figurative) water cooler tomorrow and not know specifically how Lampard rocks or why Heskey sucks.

Anyway! I truly used to play football. I by no means really learnt to run, so I was normally in aim, or in defence appropriate back. (Are you meant to be taught how to run, or does it just come naturally?) I wasn’t really very good in either position, but you can not just side on the sideline and watch… that is just not carried out.

I need to almost certainly take this likelihood to wish the Americans well in the Globe Cup! No challenging feelings, eh? What with our group game out of the way, we’ll most likely each advance to the quarter finals — and immediately after that, we can only meet in the grand final!

Abi’s try at being patriotic (‘get your kit off, luv!’)
With each other and altogether too fleshy on the blog

Australia Day Underground
Patriotic American Tattoos

Image by Wyrmworld
Australian flags in the Perth Underground station for Australia Day.

This type of factor makes me a bit uneasy. Australia Day employed to be a casual thing – we got a day off perform and watched some fireworks. Lately things seem to have obtaining a lot more strident – flags and expressions of patriotic sentiment everywhere. To an old school Aussie like myself it all seems to be finding far also ‘American’.

Sure, I am proud to be an Aussie, but I don’t have to go around waving a flag and finding temporary tattoos to prove it.