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Image from page 324 of “Ridpath’s Universal history : an account of the origin, primitive condition and ethnic development of the great races of mankind, and of the principal events in the evolution and progress of the civilized life among males and nations
Polynesian Tattoos

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Title: Ridpath’s Universal history : an account of the origin, primitive situation and ethnic improvement of the great races of mankind, and of the principal events in the evolution and progress of the civilized life among guys and nations, from current and genuine sources with a preliminary inquiry on the time, place and manner of the starting
Year: 1897 (1890s)
Authors: Ridpath, John Clark, 1840-1900
Subjects: World history
Publisher: Cincinnati : Jones

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of collecting and work-ing into the desired forms. The nationalfashion demands that the heavy head offrizzed hair be ornamented as muchas feasible with feathers, leaves, andflowers. These are held in spot withbamboo combs. It is also the custom touse tattoo as a implies of bodily decoration.The breast and the back are scarified insuch way as to raise cicatrices in regularpatterns, and it has been noticed thatthe barbarians, given that the introduction ofEuropean figured goods, are Avilling toimitate the patterns of the very same in tat-tooing their bodies! The industries and arts of the Papuansextend to agricultural pursuits. On thisMalay influence side of their life thev alsoSfSS- recommend the Malays: Itins- is believed by these who have investigated the subject that therude agriculture of native New Guinea has been derived from Asiatic sources.This belief is strengthened by the factthat the Papuans, savage as they are,divide their lands, and hold them in themanner of individual house. Some of

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NATIVE OF MAFOR ISLAND—TYPE.Drawn by E. Mesples, from a photograph. these are cultivated with a lot more care thanwe need to expect at the hands of such apeople in such a country. The traveleron the north coast of New Guinea findshere and there a plantation with inclos-ures, and even terraces, that may nicely 734 Excellent RACES OE MANKIND. remind him of primitive Central Amer- jiea. Into such locations, however, savage Isuperstition nevertheless enters, and the Papuanhousehold, in case of the death of someof its members, is apt to abandon theplace, and to settle at a distance in theforest where no death has been. An additional item of the industrial liferelates to boats and boating. With re- the Brown Polynesians is noticed in theimproved navigation and the dispositionto trade. It might be conceded that piracy is onestage in the civilized life, or in the de-velopment of the civilized f£ r .-I 1 Piratical habits life, of the ocean peoples. ofthe Papuans. Undoubtedly the craft and the courage requisite for such busi

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