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Image from web page 465 of “The history of mankind” (1896)
Religious Tattoos

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Identifier: historyofmankind01ratz
Title: The history of mankind
Year: 1896 (1890s)
Authors: Ratzel, Friedrich, 1844-1904 Butler, Arthur John, 1844-1910
Subjects: Ethnology Anthropology
Publisher: London, Macmillan and co., ltd. New York, The Macmillan co.

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tion. In pugilistic contests, thechampion wears on his head a carved ring of wood, in which a bunch of feathersis stuck. In the Moluccas the skins of birds of Paradise adorn the hair of thegirls, although false pig-tails for females are provided for sale in the Battak markets. The distribution of tattooing is irregular. Among the Formosans, the menwear horizontal stripes across the complete forehead the females from ear to ear, andperpendicular stripes as nicely. Tattooing of the hands is mentioned to take place in theinterior of Formosa. In Luzon, virtually each Igorrote has a figure of the sun onthe back of his hand. Punctured tattooing with Japanese or Chinese patterns isfound amongst the Catalangans. Among the Negritos as effectively as among theIgorrotes, scar-tattooing occurs. The skin is raised in folds over the complete physique, 4io THE HISTORY OF MANKIND and rectilineal styles worked with a pointed iron style, or a splinter of bamboo.In Ceram, tattooing is only found in the west, and practically exclusively in women,

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I / Igorrote tattooing : a, b, styles on the calves of the legs c, d, on the stomach c front view /, back view of a Burik g, a womans arm. (From drawings by Dr. Hans Meyer.) on the breast, upper arm, navel, and forehead in Timorlaut it is universal.The tattooing of the Mentawei Islanders is executed in easy but elegantgeometrical lines. In Borneo, again, extensive tattooing has been observed DRESS, WEAPONS, AND OTHER House OF THE MALAYS 411 almost solely among females, on the hands, feet, and the upper part of the thigh.Males usually have merely a mark which possibly has a religious or social significa-tion on the forehead, a single arm, or one particular leg. Hence all the Tanjan Dyaks are

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