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1/365: An Occasion
Religious Tattoos

Image by Awen Photography
I often have this idea in thoughts for the way I’d like to do my makeup, dramatizing my eyes with the cat eye extension of eye liner, &quotsmoky&quot application of eye shadow, dark lips with a gloss applied liberally to bring out a shine, and an general evenness of complexion with just a touch of a rosy blush on the cheeks. Yet the incorporation as effectively of three dots above every single eyebrow usually raises questions from onlookers as to a religious significance of their placement there, of which there is none. Alternatively, I may possibly have just been inspired by the lovely, bejeweled faces of the music icons Gwen Stefani and Bjork. But, unlike Bjork, I refuse to surgically implant in my face any gem or species of gem, and, for now and for as long as I am dissuaded by my fellow man and womankind, do I refuse to have these dots I seem to be so attached to tattooed on my face. So, as an alternative, I improvise…

This image is for my husband Eric who often encourages the creative side of me to come out, in what ever oddly placed form it occurs to come in, and it is also for an occasion to make myself up in whatever way I must happen to be inclined to.